Organise charity bingo for Unicef  

A fundraising bingo night is a sociable and fun way to raise money for Unicef. Running a bingo night is easy and you can hold it practically anywhere from your home to your workplace. So why not gather your friends, family and colleagues for a night of fun. 

How to hold a bingo fundraiser

1) Decide on the date, time and venue of your charity bingo night and invite your family and friends to attend for a donation

2) You can either purchase your fundraising bingo cards or make one up yourself by creating some grids with 10-14 random numbers between 1-100

3) Alternatively, provide your guests with blank grids and they can write the numbers themselves

4) Prepare some prizes for the winners

5) Complete our materials order form [hyperlink] if you’d like some Unicef branded balloons, posters or banners to decorate your venue 

6) Maximise your fundraising on the night by having a charity sweepstake [hyperlink] or raffle [hyperlink] 

7) Produce a blog or a vlog to record the highlights of your fundraising and share this on social media to raise awareness of your charity event  

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