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A fundraising bingo night is a sociable and fun way to raise money for UNICEF.

Running a bingo night is easy and you can hold it practically anywhere – from your home to your workplace. So why not gather your friends, family and colleagues for a night of fun?

How to hold a bingo fundraiser

  • Decide on the date, time and venue of your charity bingo night and invite your family and friends to attend for a donation. The easiest way to ask for donations is by creating an online fundraising page.
  • You can either purchase your fundraising bingo cards or make one up yourself by creating some grids with 10-14 random numbers between 1-100.
  • Alternatively, provide your guests with blank grids and they can write the numbers themselves.
  • Prepare some prizes for the winners.
  • Maximise your fundraising on the night by hosting a charity sweepstake or raffle.

Make sure your bingo event is safe and legal by following the Gambling Commission’s guidelines.

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