Children at the playground of a primary school in East Cameroon.

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We’ve got everything you need to start fundraising, including your one-stop-shop fundraising guide, editable event posters, a sponsorship form for cash donations, bunting to decorate your fundraising event, social media images and more.

By downloading and using these materials, you agree that you’ve reviewed and accept our volunteer fundraiser terms and conditions.

Please get in touch to let us know about your fundraising. We would love to hear what you’re planning and support you as much as possible.

Fundraising guide

Our fundraising guide is packed with ideas, tips and guidance to make your fundraising a success. From advice on how to set up your JustGiving page, to ways to promote your fundraising, we’ve got you covered.

Kickstart your fundraising

Download fundraising guide (PDF)

Other fundraising resources

Download our posters to advertise your fundraiser

Fundraising posters

Use our editable event posters to spread the word about your fundraiser. Don’t forget to add your JustGiving page QR code or any cashless donations.


Download your fundraising posters

A poster to encourage people to donate at your fundraiser

Donation posters

Encourage people to donate at your fundraiser by displaying these posters which show the impact of our work for children around the world.


Download donation posters

Download our sponsorship form

Sponsorship form

If you prefer to raise money offline, use our form to collect your sponsorship in person. Don’t forget to remind your donors to tick the Gift Aid column if they’re eligible.


Download your sponsorship form