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Children are an important stakeholder for business – as consumers, family members of employees, young workers, and as future business leaders and employees. Almost every business activity leaves a footprint on children’s lives – whether through employment conditions of parents, product safety, marketing practices or environmental impact. As children are more vulnerable than adults and many times lack an opportunity to voice their rights, the impacts that businesses have on them are often overlooked. This needs to change.

As laid out by the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs), all companies have a responsibility to understand and take action on their impact on human rights and they should do so through undertaking human rights due diligence. The Children’s Rights and Business Principles (CRBPs) compliment the UNGPs and provide practical guidance for businesses on the actions they should take to ensure that their company respect and support children’s rights.

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How we work with you to create child friendly business practices

  • Does your company have a child protection policy and internal training in place to ensure that your employees and business partners are aware of your company’s expectations to help keep children safe?
  • Have your company considered how children might be affected when you acquire new land?
  • And have you considered how you develop your products so that they are safe for children and young people?

Unicef UK’s Children’s Rights and Business Unit works in partnership with businesses to help identify key child rights risks and to recognise opportunities to support the rights of children.

Unicef has also created a range of tools to help guide companies to respect and support children’s rights including:

  • How to write a policy commitment that refers to children’s rights
  • How to conduct a child rights impact assessment
  • How to consult with child rights stakeholders
  • How to report on child rights impacts

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Are children your business? We work with businesses to help identify key child rights risks and to recognise opportunities to support the rights of children.

Children explain more about child rights and business principles.

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