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Christmas fundraising at your school

Throughout the month of December, we’re asking schools to hold an advent collection during events and activities, collecting donations of £1 to help us keep Syria’s children safe and warm as temperatures drop.

By organising a simple advent collection, you could help Unicef staff provide warm winter essentials like blankets, shoes, hats and gloves. Collecting just £150 at your school could help provide fleecy blankets to keep five children warm this winter. Here’s how:

  • Find empty jars and buckets and mark them as collection tins with this label (pdf)
  • Download a poster (pdf), and print and display it prominently at your school
  • Ask staff, pupils, parents and visitors to donate £1
  • In January, bank the money you’ve raised and please send a cheque payable to Unicef UK to the address below. Remember to include the name and postcode of your school!

Schools advent collection
Unicef UK
30a Great Sutton Street
London EC1V 0DU

Domiz Refugee Camp, Northern Iraq February 2016. Mohammed (6 years) and Noor (4 years) wrapped in a blanket. Asked if they were given any blankets and clothes during the winter their family said ‘They did give us blankets, but it was not enough. I had to buy more. This is the first year that we got given winter clothes. We are grateful because it really did help.’ Unicef/2016/Schermbrucker

Four-year-old Noor, and her brother Mohammed, 6, fled Syria with their family three years ago, and face another bitter winter in a refugee camp in Iraq. They're keeping cosy with a thermal blanket from Unicef, and your school fundraising can help us keep even more children safe and warm this winter.

Other top fundraising ideas for schools

There are lots of fantastic fundraising ideas your school can use all year round to support Unicef. Why not get all your spare change together and take part in Day for Change, or choose one of our other fundraising ideas for schools? Here’s our pick of the bunch:

  • Unicef-themed Mufti day – pupils and staff pay a pound and come to school in head to toe blue!
  • Cake sales – ask your top bakers to make their favourite sweet treat and hold a playground cake sale for pupils, staff, parents and the community.
  • School disco – sell tickets, put on their dancing shoes on, have fun and raise money for Unicef in the process!
  • Sports day – combine fundraising with your school’s existing sports day. Charge friends and family to watch and sell refreshments to boost your fundraising total.
  • Talent show – dance, sing and show your talents for Unicef. £5 per entry and sell tickets for the show to loved ones.
  • Quiz fundraiser – get your thinking caps on and organise a quiz. Collect an entry fee from every player and see which team will be victorious!

Know what you’re doing? Then let us know by registering your event so we can support you all the way!

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