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Change starts now!

The Day for Change fundraising challenge for schools has arrived and we need your students to get involved. Change something about your school day and collect as much change and cash as possible – helping to keep children safe from hunger.

Every pound that you raise will be matched by The Power of Nutrition, a charitable foundation, until the end of term, so your fundraising will go even further for children.

Join other schools across the UK to share images and stories of your fundraising activities at #dayforchange

Why take part at your school?

Taking part in Day for Change is a great opportunity to learn about how nutritious food can change children’s lives as well as empowering students to raise vital funds, helping to make sure malnourished children can grow up healthy and strong. Planning fundraising events is a brilliant way to add some fun to the academic calendar and promotes teamwork and cooperation.

How can my school get involved?

  • Start by registering your school online now
  • Next, organise a fundraising activity of your choice. We’ve got heaps of fundraising ideas to get you started and help you boost your fundraising target
  • Look out for an all-new fundraising kit on its way to you – packed with the ideas, resources and treats you’ll need to make your Day for Change extra special
  • Inspire your pupils with our fantastic, easy-to-deliver teaching resources

The big Day for Change will be on Wednesday 24 May, but you can fundraise whenever suits your school’s calendar – all funds will be matched until the end of the summer term in July.

Unicef UK Supporter Cel Spellman explains how your fundraising for children will go even further this year.

Get your school involved in Day for Change

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We could teach 250 mums, dads and caregivers about good nutrition for just £50. This helps to make sure that more children can grow up healthy and strong.

Why should my school take part in Day for Change?

The money your school raises for Day for Change will help children suffering from malnutrition in Liberia, West Africa, where one in three children are malnourished. Children’s lives are in danger, like two-year-old Jeramiah, who was admitted to hospital suffering from severe acute malnutrition. At his worst, he couldn’t walk.

Jeramiah is now given therapeutic milk every three hours and is carefully weighed, measured and monitored for complications and progress. After a week in the hospital, he has begun to get some of his energy back and has started climbing around on his hospital bed and laughing again. A simple course of therapeutic food was all it took to save his life.

Your Day for Change fundraising can help more children like Jeramiah.

Baby Jeramiah eats therapeutic food in hospital in Liberia. The hospital has an in-patient nutrition facility which Unicef supports.
Unicef UK/2017

Get your school involved in Day for Change

Register today

Will my school receive resources and fundraising materials?

Every school that registers for Day for Change will be sent their welcome pack in the spring term 2017, which includes a how-to guide and lots of other useful and fun fundraising materials and tools.

You’ll also receive regular updates on how pupils, staff and parents are helping provide children around the world with the food they need to live healthy, happy lives.

Plus, with our ready-to-use teaching resources, including assembly and lesson plans, worksheets, videos and activities, you’ll have everything you need to inspire your pupils to help other children around the world.

Want to know the results of the staffroom sweepstake?

You might have seen Unicef UK Supporter Cel Spellman asking you how many coins were in his Day for Change jar. The results are now in – watch this video to see if you guessed right!

How can my school send in the money we’ve raised?

Once you’ve registered your school, you’ll receive a letter with your fundraising pack. This letter will include a unique paying-in slip as well as instructions on how to send in your donations.

If you have not received a welcome letter with a paying-in slip, please complete our sending in your money form, which you can download to the right, and email it to, stating when you transferred your donations, including a note with the name and post code of your school.

Share your thoughts with us on this year’s appeal and for a chance to WIN signed books for your school’s library.

For more information on how to get involved, please email or call us on 0300 330 5580.


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