Youth Advisory Board

Care about children's rights?
Live in the UK?
Age 14 to 18?

What does the Youth Advisory Board do?

Members help us listen to the voices of children and young people all over the UK by:

  • Being a voice on children’s rights
  • Providing insight – about what children and young people like and care about
  • Raising awareness – to help other young people understand our work

We will be recruiting for the next round of Youth Advisory Board members in 2021.

What’s involved?

Meet other young people and share experiences

Develop your communication skills and increase your knowledge of children's rights

Learn about our work to create change for children

What is the Youth Advisory Board working on?

The group started meeting in 2019 and have regular calls to keep in touch and maintain momentum. During 2019 the Youth Advisory Board learned about:

  • Youth engagement in other parts of the Unicef family
  • Unicef’s work to ensure rights are realised for all children, everywhere, and
  • Our Winter Campaign – as well as the data and policy work calling on decision makers to prioritise children’s health

On World Children’s Day the group spent the day delivering letters to all the main Party Leaders asking them if elected, to protect and promote children’s rights. They also tookover the Unicef UK Campaigns Twitter account to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child – to ensure that children and young people’s voices were central when we marked this landmark moment.

During 2019 the group represented Unicef UK at external events too, including a conference celebrating the 30th anniversary of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child – organised by CRAE and UCL.

They have big plans for 2020 – ranging from supporting our advocacy and communications to developing youth engagement training for Unicef UK colleagues.

The group had their usual face to face meeting in January and are now having calls every week – to ensure we do all we can to promote children and young people’s voices during the Coronavirus pandemic:

  • You can see the open letter they wrote to the UK Government and lend your support here.
  • They’ve also worked with us to create this page for children and young people – about the current situation and decisions being made.
  • Two of the group were interviewed on Radio 1’s Life Hacks show on 17 May – about how they’ve been managing during lockdown. You can listen again here.