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  • Neither safe nor sound Unicef/2016

    Neither Safe Nor Sound 16 June 2016Neither Safe Nor Sound is a study commissioned by Unicef of the horrific situation for unaccompanied children in northern France, including Calais and Dunkirk.

  • The refugee crisis in Europe Unicef/2015

    The refugee crisis in Europe A Unicef briefing paper explores the UK's role in protecting the rights of unaccompanied and separated children.16 June 2016

  • A damaged classroom and desk covered in debris.  © UNICEF/HQ12-0158/Diffiden

    Education cannot wait This Unicef briefing paper looks at the importance of education for children in times of crisis and introduces Education Cannot Wait: a Fund for education in emergencies. 4 May 2016

  • Report Card 13 Report Card 13

    Report Card 13: Fairness for children Unicef's latest Report Card, Fairness for Children, explores the inequality gap facing children in rich countries.14 April 2016

  • Ending the recruitment and use of children in armed conflict - Unicef UK Photo: Unicef 2016

    Child soldiers briefing This Unicef report sets out areas where important progress has been made towards ending the recruitment and use of children in conflict and makes recommendations for action by governments. 8 February 2016

  • Stop child trafficking. © UNICEF/HQ11-2242/Dormino

    Durable Solutions for Trafficked Children This report, based on interviews with 30 stakeholders who work with trafficked children in the UK, explores the way in which the current systems work for trafficked children, and where they fail to provide adequate support and protection.5 January 2016

  • A boy looks out over heavy flooding in Vietnam's Hai Lang District. Photo: Unicef/2009/Chau Unicef/2009/Chau

    Children and the changing climate This collection of case studies offers a snapshot of recent or ongoing initiatives to protect children from the danger of climate change around the world.26 November 2015

  • Amira walks among the dirt in the Domiz refugee camp in Northern Iraq UNICEF/Schermbrucker

    Keeping children safe in emergencies Children are facing more devastating wars and disasters than ever before. Ahead of the World Humanitarian Summit, a new Unicef UK briefing sets how the world can change how it responds in emergencies to protect children from violence. 2 November 2015

  • Read our 2014 annual report Unicef UK

    Our 2014 annual report Our 2014 Trustees' Report provides detailed information UNICEF UK's work for children in 2014, when supporters helped us raise a record £93.7 million. 2 July 2015

  • Every 5 minutes a child dies as a result of violence. Add your voice to our campaign and call for an end to violence against children. © RAUL ARBOLEDA/AFP/Getty Images

    A global partnership to end violence New report from the NYU Center on International Cooperation makes the case for the UK Government to play a leading role in a global partnership to end violence against children. 26 May 2015