This report examines progress made by the world's wealthiest countries in reducing child poverty and deprivation.

It sets out the latest internationally comparable data on child deprivation and relative child poverty.

Taken together, these two different measures offer the best currently available picture of child poverty across the world’s wealthiest nations.

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UK child poverty: what the report says

The UK’s success in reducing child poverty to date is linked to the previous Government’s focus on increasing household income.

Tax credits, cash transfers and accessible public services played a key role in reducing child poverty in the UK and protecting children from deprivation.

Even though the UK missed its own targets to reduce child poverty to 1.7 million children in 2010, the UK still had one of the largest reductions in child poverty after Government intervention.

The latest UNICEF Report Card examines how effectively the world's wealthiest countries are tackling child poverty and protecting children from deprivation. © UNICEF

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