Explore children's rights

Ready for an adventure? Child Rights Launchpad – Unicef UK’s award-winning child rights experience – takes children and young people in Scotland on an exciting journey to explore their rights. 

Through Launchpad, children and young people aged three to 18 can:

  • learn about their rights and rights around the world;
  • enjoy their own rights by taking part in sports and other activities;
  • take action to help other children around the world to enjoy their rights too.

It was made possible by our partnership with Glasgow 2014, and is currently only available in Scotland. 

Launchpad is an interactive website designed at three different levels, broadly aimed at three separate age bands: 

  • Level 1: three to seven-year-olds
  • Level 2: eight to 12-year-olds
  • Level 3: 13 to 18-year-olds

Each level has rights ‘missions’ and corresponding offline activities.


Explore Launchpad

Launchpad is delivered through schools, in youth clubs, nurseries and many other settings.  Teachers are the most common Adult Guides, but lots of other professionals are supporting children and young people on their journey.  

It is a free, ready-to-use resource that supports learning about rights and the Curriculum for Excellence. Detailed Guidance for Adults provides information about the site and content, and helps Adult Guides to plan how and when they will run Launchpad. 

Child Rights Launchpad is part of the partnership between Unicef and the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games and supports the Games' legacy. It will run over an initial four year period, between the Glasgow 2014 games and the 2018 Games in Australia's Gold Coast.  It has been shortlisted for a range of national awards and won Silver in the 2015 Digital Impact Awards.

It has been funded by the Scottish Government, the charity International Inspiration and by the Hugh Fraser Foundation. Unicef UK is developing the project alongside these funding partners and organisations working for children in Scotland.

A child in Glasgow explores her rights © UNICEF UK/14
The new rights journey will help children in Scotland aged three to 18 to experience their rights© UNICEF UK/14