Are your candidates on #TeamChildren?

2019 General Election

Get your future MP to join #TeamChildren

Now that a general election has been called Prospective Parliamentary Candidates (PPCs) will be campaigning to win your vote. This is a crucial opportunity for you to ask them to pledge to take action on issues that are important to you.

We need you to ask your PPCs to show their commitment to protecting and promoting children’s rights – something that should be a central concern to all Members of Parliament. You can find your candidates details at Who Can I Vote For?

They can do this by sharing a photo of themselves holding our #TeamChildren sign on their social media channels.


Alistair Burt MP shows he's on #TeamChildren with our sign
Alistair Burt, former MP for North East Bedfordshire
Nicky Morgan, former MP for Loughborough
Stephen Twigg MP shows he's on #TeamChildren with our sign
Stephen Twigg, former MP for Liverpool West Derby

How can I reach out to my prospective parliamentary candidate?

Write a letter or email to each of them to tell them what really matters to you. You can search your candidates details on WhoCanIVoteFor?

Personalise your letter, explaining why you feel children’s rights are important. You can use the questions we’ve outlined below for inspiration.

Keep it brief – no more than two sides of A4.

Include your contact details, including your address to show candidates that you live in their area, and to allow the candidate to reply.

If you receive a reply, please send any responses to us via email at [email protected].

PPCs and their representatives will be knocking on doors in your neighbourhood. If they knock on your door, be ready to question them on child rights issues and ask them to take a photo with our sign, share on social media using #TeamChildren and highlight why they’re on #TeamChildren.

If it is a representative of the candidate, you can give them a copy of the sign to take away, ask their PPC to take a photo with it and tweet it using #TeamChildren.

In the run up to a General Election most PPCs will be involved in open public meetings called ‘hustings’. As a constituent this is your chance to ask the candidates key questions about issues you care about, including children’s rights.

What questions can I ask to ensure my PPC is on #TeamChildren?

Unicef UK’s work covers a broad range of issues, and there are many ways your PPC can commit to supporting children’s rights in the UK and internationally.

If you’re stuck for inspiration, we’ve provided this handy sheet to give you some ideas for questions that you can ask your PPC to ensure that they are committed to protecting and promoting children’s rights.

Please note: Unicef UK is not party political and will never take a position on which way you should vote in an election. We are calling on all political parties to speak up for the world’s most vulnerable children and are only interested in creating positive change for children. When you’re engaging with local election candidates, it is important you reach out to PPCs from all major parties in your area.

Let us know how you get on with speaking to your local PPCs by emailing [email protected].

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch too.


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