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UNICEF UK Ambassador

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David Harewood is a British actor whose illustrious career spans over 30 years.

David starred alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in the Oscar nominated Blood Diamond. He went on to play David Estes in Homeland alongside Damian Lewis and Claire Danes. He has been a frequent face on British TV, from Cold Feet to Spooks and The Night Manager. He is currently in Vancouver filming Supergirl.

David was proudly appointed a UNICEF UK High Profile Supporter in December 2019, in recognition of two years’ active support for UNICEF programmes. In 2018 David played goal keeper for the winning England team at Soccer Aid for UNICEF. He followed up in 2019, playing goal keeper once again, and travelling to Sierra Leone to film a Soccer Aid appeal film – shining a light on UNICEF’s work delivering life-saving vaccines and neo-natal health services for children and their families. In addition to playing in the match, David advocated with UK parliament on behalf of UNICEF on the importance of vaccines.

David has made multiple appearances on TV news and current affairs programmes – as well as media outlets online and in print – sharing his deep passion for the lives of children in danger everywhere. He has provided invaluable support for numerous petitions and fundraising campaigns via his social media platforms – amplifying UNICEF message to his dedicated and passionate followers.

David was appointed a Unicef UK Ambassador in January 2021.

David at a health centre in Sierra Leone, where he met Adamsay who visited the centre to have her child vaccinated

David visited a UNICEF supported hospital in Sierra Leone for Soccer Aid for UNICEF 2019

Knowing that when UNICEF and local communities come together around the world, they can provide safe and accessible treatment for a whole new generation of mothers and their children is the good news story I needed to start my week!

David Harewood, 2019