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British actor and comedian Eddie Izzard became involved with Unicef UK in 2011 when he travelled to Kenya to film a documentary about the children’s emergency in East Africa.

Today Eddie continues to support our fundraising and campaigning work for children worldwide.

In 2013, Eddie travelled to Iraq to report on the Syrian refugee crisis. He visited children and families living in the Domiz refugee camp and spoke out about the dangers that faced children there. We are one of the few agencies working inside Syria, as well as being there for refugee families in the surrounding countries like Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and Egypt.

We have been reaching children and families with essential supplies including health, nutrition, water, sanitation and hygiene, education, and child protection.

Watch: Eddie Izzard meets Syrian refugee children during his 2013 trip to Iraq.

Unicef UK Ambassador Eddie Izzard visits children living in Domiz Refugee Camp, Iraq. Unicef 2013
Syrian children across the region have lost everything.

I've heard refugee children in Iraq tell how they fled horrific violence and how they lost loved ones, their homes and their schools.

Eddie Izzard, Unicef UK Ambassador

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Most recently, in July 2015, Eddie travelled to Djibouti to meet child refugees who have fled the devastating war in Yemen, the country of his birth.

On his visit, he met seven-year-old Jawaher and her family who braved the perilous boat journey across the Red Sea from Yemen to Djibouti.

“The harrowing stories for Yemenis, particularly those from Aden, the city of my birth, will stay with me forever,” said Eddie. “I have a responsibility to highlight the crisis to the world, and I hope I can persuade the UK public to heal the 10 million Yemeni children that are in danger right now.”

Eddie continues to support our campaigning and fundraising work for children in danger around the world.

Watch: Eddie talks to Jawaher and her brother Ziad.