Emma Bunton

UNICEF UK Ambassador

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Former Spice Girl Emma Bunton began supporting UNICEF UK in early 2013. She became a member of the UNICEF UK ambassador family in 2014.

Emma was the face of our Mother’s Day campaign aimed at ending child malnutrition. The campaign asked mums to help give children around the world the best start in life by donating to Unicef.

In 2013, Emma was a competition judge for UNICEF UK’s Giant Sleepover event. The Giant Sleepover is a great opportunity for children in the UK to learn and raise awareness about UNICEF UK’s work around the world. Emma surprised a group of Brownies from Scotland when she turned up at their Giant Sleepover at Top Trump Towers in London. She spent the evening playing games, reading the girls a bed time story and singing along to One Direction!

In 2013, Emma helped launch the Pampers and UNICEF UK ‘Every Parent’s Dream’ campaign. Since 2006, the partnership has helped to eliminate maternal and newborn tetanus in ten of the world’s poorest countries through the ‘1 pack = 1 Vaccine’ campaign. Emma was a brilliant spokesperson for the campaign, encouraging parents to buy Pampers products in return for life-saving tetanus vaccines to help protect mothers and their babies.

In 2014, Emma visited Madagascar to see first-hand the impact the Pampers UNICEF UK partnership is having on the lives of mums and babies. Madagascar is just one of the 15 countries where together we have achieved this and the lives of mums and babies are being transformed.