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British actor Tom Hiddleston has been a Unicef UK Ambassador since 2013.  Most recently he travelled to South Sudan to see the impact of the civil conflict on vulnerable children.

Tom made his second visit to South Sudan in December 2016, three years after the beginning of the conflict. Conditions remained as fragile and severe as ever. “It’s heartbreaking to see that after three years, innocent children are still bearing the brunt of the conflict,” Tom said. “Everyone I met has experienced traumatic events that no one – least of all a child – should ever have to go through.”

Famine has now been declared in parts of South Sudan, with more than 270,000 children in the country suffering from severe malnutrition. We’re working across East Africa helping vulnerable children in the remotest areas get the life-saving food, clean water and other vital services they need to survive. You can help us reach more children, make a donation today to our East Africa appeal.

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As part of his work with Unicef, Tom participated in the Live Below the Line challenge, during which he lived on just £1 a day of food and drink, highlighting how little nutrients so many millions of children depend on, and how this can lead to malnutrition. Watch what Tom had to say about the challenge.

In 2013, Tom spent time with children and families in Guinea hearing their stories and seeing how Unicef supports them on the ground. He visited several Unicef projects, finding out about our work in child protection, education, water and sanitation, hunger and malnutrition.

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You can also follow Tom on Twitter at @twhiddleston.