On 3 May 2016, girls wash their hands with running water at the shelter for earthquake-affected people in Portfoviejo, Manabi.

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When a disaster strikes, Unicef needs an emergency reserve to enable us to reach the most vulnerable children with essential humanitarian aid as quickly as possible. This is our Children’s Emergency Fund and those companies who support it are our emergency partners.

As an emergency partner, you’ll be helping us reach children in the most vulnerable situations. This partnership will be understood across all your markets and by all stakeholders.

We’ll send you regular, powerful communication material to enable you to engage your employees and other stakeholders.

A dedicated account manager will track your financial targets and help with your stakeholder engagement, and our experienced media team will work with you to gain appropriate media space about your partnership with Unicef.

For more information about becoming an emergency partner, email our team at corporateenquries@unicef.org.uk or call 0300 330 5580 (Mon-Fri, 8-6).

How can your company support an emergency appeal?

Supporting an emergency appeal may be quite different to your existing charity work, so we’ve created several quick and easy ways to support Unicef emergency appeals.

  • Emergency donations: We receive no money from the UN budget so company donations are extremely valuable during an emergency.
  • Online donations pages: We can create a tailored, multi-currency donations page in a matter of hours.
  • Donate an hour: Encouraging employees to donate the equivalent of an hour’s salary would make a huge difference an in emergency. This can be set up by your HR team in advance.
  • Banner ads: We can provide banner ads for you to display on your company’s website.
  • International fundraising activities: Unicef is present in over 190 countries. We can support significant fundraising activities at an international level.
  • Payroll giving: Allowing employees to give directly through payroll is a tax-efficient way to donate. This can be set up before an emergency.
  • Round-up activities: If your company is an online or high street, we can help organise a “round up” activity where customers are asked to round up their spend for the emergency appeal. In 2010 for example, H&M chose to support our Haiti earthquake appeal with a round-up in their UK and Ireland stores. All posters and scripts for sales employees were set up within 24 hours, and the appeal raised an amazing £111,289 in four weeks.
  • Emergency Support:  This might well be a new, unexplored area of your corporate social responsibility strategy, but we are here to help. We would be happy to talk you through ways to engage your key stakeholders in emergency appeals, and help you create a tailored plan for your company.

Would you like to be a corporate emergency partner?

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