Working with Unicef to improve access to sanitation

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Why we’re working together

Unicef and Domestos believe that everybody has the right to access a clean and safe toilet. UN Sustainable Development Goal 6 states that everyone must have access to sanitation by 2030. Our partnership supports global efforts to ensure that this goal is met.

One in three people in the world are in danger of sickness and disease because they don’t have a clean and safe toilet.  Children are dying from diarrhea often caused by poor sanitation, but change is possible. Together we’re fighting to give more people access to good sanitation.

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What we’re doing

Domestos and Unicef work in India to help the millions of families who don’t have a clean and safe toilet. As part of Unilever’s Sustainable Living Plan, Domestos aimed to help 25 million people gain improved access to a toilet by 2020. Together we have now exceeded that target and provided improved sanitation to more than 28 million people.

When you buy a specially-marked bottle of Domestos, you are supporting Unicef’s work to help every child have access to a cleaner, safer toilet. For each bottle of Domestos bought, 5% is donated to Unicef’s sanitation improvement programmes in India.

Funds raised through purchases of Domestos bottles have been used to strengthen and sustain Unicef’s support to the Government of India on the Swachh Bharat Mission; a nation-wide programme to eliminate open defecation in India.

Our partnership with Domestos is a component of our wider partnership with Unilever, comprising partnerships with Dove, Signal and a WASH in Schools programme.

What we’ve achieved

28 million

people given access to a clean and safe toilet

€4.5 million

donated to Unicef's sanitation programme in India over three years


states across India have benefited from Domestos funded projects

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Fighting Poor Sanitation with Domestos

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