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Partnering with UNICEF to support children's mental health


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Why we’re working together

Jo Malone London and UNICEF are working together to protect and promote mental health and wellbeing for children, young people and caregivers around the world. Globally, more than 1 in 7 adolescents aged 10–19 are living with a diagnosable mental disorder and access to mental health services for children is limited.  

Acting early to support children and caregivers is the best investment that governments and donors can make to promote good mental health, prevent poor mental health, and respond to the complex mental health issues children and young people are faced with. This will help to create a brighter tomorrow for young people by investing in their mental health and wellbeing. 

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What we’re doing

Since 2012, Jo Malone London has been committed to shining a light on mental health, raising awareness, providing support and stamping out stigmas. By supporting UNICEF’s global mental health work through a thematic fund, Jo Malone London will contribute towards a mix of UNICEF’s work, from country programmes to national and global advocacy, providing support where it is most needed.  

Jo Malone London is committed to donating $4.5 million towards UNICEF’s mental health work by 2025, including a one-off $1 million donation announced in October 2022 and raising a further $3.5 million through the sale of the charity candle collection, consumer check-out donations and employee fundraising activities as part of our new two-year partnership.  

Jo Malone London is also a strategic member of the UNICEF-hosted Global Coalition for Youth Mental Health. As a Coalition member, Jo Malone London will harness people, platforms and networks to address stigma and raise awareness; increase investment for UNICEF’s mental health programmes; achieve change at national policy level; and improve business practices related to workplace mental well-being.  

David Beckham OBE, Goodwill Ambassador

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