Donate and help keep child refugees safe.

Donate to protect
child refugees
in Europe

£15 could provide schoolbooks for 50 children and help them continue their education in times of war or disaster.

£10 could help provide toys for our child-friendly spaces, which every day help children rest, recover and play, as children should.

£3 could provide a warm thermal blanket for a child fleeing war or disaster.

£68 could help pay for school supplies to help at least 20 children continue their education in times of war or disaster.

UNICEF’s family hygiene and dignity kit contain a bucket, washing powder, bars of soap, shampoo, tooth brushes, tooth paste, washable napkins among others. Photo by Kazutaka Sekine

£54 can provide an emergency water and hygiene kit for two families affected by the crisis.

£25 can provide enough thermal blankets to keep five babies safe and warm whilst flee war or disaster.

Sorry, we can only process donations of £1 and above due to admin costs.

Children are in danger and need your help

Right now, 50 million children have been uprooted from their homes. Many are fleeing conflict to seek safety in Europe. They’re in danger from disease, violence and exploitation and urgently need our help.

Children and families have been forced to make painful and difficult decisions to leave everything behind. A staggering 1,364 people have already been reported dead or missing trying to reach Europe this year; the majority drowning in the Mediterranean. And the number keeps rising.

Risking their lives in search of safety

Children are not responsible for the bombs and bullets, the droughts and disasters – but they are often the worst affected. Children and young people continue to flee their devastated homelands by foot, in the back of lorries, and across the Mediterranean Sea on crowded dinghies. Left with no choice, they are forced to risk everything. Their lives have been turned upside down. So many have lost their parents and loved ones, their homes, their schools. The journey is treacherous and children are exposed to the elements as well as to violence and exploitation.

Children on the move in Europe need your support now. They need a safe space to eat, sleep, wash and receive care. They need somewhere safe where they can learn and have a chance to play.

How is Unicef responding?

Unicef has set up child and family support centres across Europe, which provide a safe space for children and families fleeing war. Here children can eat, sleep and wash, as well as receive health care and counselling, and have the chance to learn and play again.

The centres can be adapted to meet children’s changing needs, with the aim to support children in danger of disease, violence, exploitation and trafficking. Unicef will not stop until every child is safe.

Why donate to Unicef?

Unicef supports children on the move across Europe and the region – in Italy, Spain, Croatia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Serbia, Greece and Turkey – providing life-saving supplies, emergency hygiene kits, child protection services and counselling.

Wars in countries like Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan have been devastating children’s lives for years. Unicef has been working tirelessly to protect these children and give them hope for the future. We’re there in conflict zones and refugee camps, ensuring children have access to life-saving food, water and medical care. We’re there providing long-term support to help children rebuild their lives through education, counselling and safe spaces for them to rest and play; and we’re also lobbying governments to strengthen systems and policies to keep children safe.

Every day, more children make the dangerous journey to Europe. Whatever name used to describe these children – migrants, refugees, displaced – they are children first. These children are in danger and we must protect them.

Please donate today and help us keep vulnerable children safe in Europe.

For the first 12 months, monthly donations made to this appeal will go to children on the move in Europe. After that they will go to our Children’s Emergency Fund. In the unlikely event that the funds raised exceed Unicef’s funding requirements for this appeal, your one-off or monthly gift will also go to our Children’s Emergency Fund, helping children caught in wars and disasters around the world.