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Spread the word

Once you’ve decided how you want to fundraise, you’ll need to start spreading the word. The more you talk about your fundraising, the more people will donate.

Check out our ideas below to help you spread the word.

  • Make the most of your local networks – why not give a talk about your event in your church, school or workplace? Bring your fundraising to life by using photos and videos to tell people why supporting UNICEF is important. Check out our YouTube channel to view a selection of videos which show the impact of our work.
  • Get your work mates onboard by including the link to your JustGiving page on your email signature. Why not ask your internal comms team if you can share in newsletters or on the intranet?
  • Create your own posters to promote your event. Download and personalise then ask to display them at your local library, shops, community centres, cafés etc.

Use social media

Using social media is a great way to let people know about your fundraiser and boost your donations. Here are some top tips on how to shine on social media.

  • Add a link to your online fundraising page on your updates on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and any other social networks you use.
  • Make a hashtag (#) for your posts. For example, #Tina’sFundraising or #Kamal’sDonationStory. It’s really easy to do, just remember to write it at the end of each of your posts and keep it consistent. People following your hashtag can then easily stay up-to-date on your progress.
  • Remember to always add pictures to bring your fundraising to life. Whether it’s cakes, costumes or quizzes, people are much more likely to engage if there’s a picture!
  • Create a Facebook event for your fundraiser and invite all your friends and family.
  • Follow local groups, businesses and high-profile people in your community and tell them about your fundraiser. They could end up helping promote it, donating or even contributing some prizes or gifts.
  • Don’t forget to update your fundraising progress. Whether it’s via a running total or a changing percentage, supporters love to see that their donations are making a difference. And the higher that percentage rises, the more people will want to donate to help you get over the line!
  • Tag @UNICEF_UK. We love seeing what you’re doing to raise money.

Make sure you’re getting the most out of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by downloading our social media pack below.

Contact your local newspaper or radio station

Local media love to hear about local people getting involved with good causes. When you’ve got all the details sorted, get in touch with newspapers, radio stations and community websites in your area to share your story. Check out our handy press release template below to share with your local media.

In your press release, remember to:

  • Include the most important information in the first paragraphs: when, who, where, what and why
  • Quote the person taking part
  • Give further details
  • Include examples of how fundraising for UNICEF makes a lasting difference to children
  • Include the link to your online fundraising page
  • Include pictures from your fundraising activity or preparations, if contacting a newspaper
  • Ask if they would be interested in sending a photographer or reporter, if you have yet to do your challenge.

Make sure you address your press release to the right person – contact the news desk to get their details. After the event tell the news desks about all your hard work and how much money you raised.

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