On 1 February, a girl blows soap bubbles outside a child-friendly tent set up on the grounds of the Astrodome (the Tacloban City Convention Centre) in Tacloban City in Leyte Province, Eastern Visayas Region. The arena is serving as an evacuation centre for people displaced by Super Typhoon Haiyan. Tacloban City was among the areas worst affected by the disaster.

Fundraising terms and conditions

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By registering to fundraise for The UK Committee for UNICEF (UNICEF UK), you are agreeing to:

1. Fundraise “in aid of” UNICEF UK

Make sure you communicate that you are raising money “in aid of” UNICEF UK, not in association or in partnership with UNICEF UK.

2. Keep your fundraising safe

Carry out a risk assessment before undertaking a fundraising activity of any size. Prioritise the risks and record what actions you need to take to remove or control those risks. This is particularly important where children are involved in any activities. In these instances children’s safety and welfare must always be prioritised and it is the activity organiser’s responsibility to assess and reasonably mitigate any risks to children involved.

Issues like supervision ratios of adults to children, whether or not children will remain the responsibility of their carers throughout the activity, how first aid and initial response to any concerns that arise will be managed and the physical impact of the activities on children taking part should all be considered.

Read more about how to make sure your fundraising activity is safe.

3. Insure your event

If you’re organising an event in aid of UNICEF UK, please make sure it’s covered by full and comprehensive liability insurance. Understand that UNICEF UK is not liable for any injury to a person or material damage or loss resulting from this event. Understand that any injury to a person or material damage or loss resulting from this event is the responsibility of the event organisers.

4. Act appropriately on UNICEF UK’s behalf

Undertake all your fundraising activities in an appropriate manner. You can find more guidance on organising a fundraising event in our fundraising toolkit.

5. Tell UNICEF UK about any corporate sponsors

Check all potentially large and/or visible sponsors of the activity with UNICEF UK to ensure that UNICEF UK is prepared to accept their endorsement. Do not use your fundraising activities for any kind of personal or commercial gain. You can contact us by emailing [email protected]

6. Remain neutral

Protect the apolitical nature of the event and do not link UNICEF UK’s name with any political activity.

7. Cover your own costs

Make sure all sponsors know that none of the personal sponsorship will be spent on the cost of running your activity. UNICEF UK is not liable in any way for any costs or debts incurred in setting up and running your fundraising activity.

8. Cancellation

If your challenge event or activity is cancelled, you should let anyone who has sponsored you directly or via your fundraising page know, so if they wish they can apply in writing for a refund. Otherwise, you should still transfer any donations made to UNICEF UK.

9. Pass all monies onto UNICEF UK ASAP, and in any event within 3 months of receipt

You can find out about how to pay in or send us the money you raise.

10. Data Protection

You must ensure any and all Personal Data (as defined in the “Data Protection Laws” defined below) which is collected and/or processed as part of the fundraising activity, and the manner of its collection, processing and storage complies with the Data Protection Laws, including obtaining all necessary consents from Data Subjects.

“Data Protection Laws” means all applicable privacy and data protection laws including The Data Protection Act 2018, the UK General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003 (PECR)

You must also acknowledge that UNICEF UK is not involved with, nor determines the purpose or means of any collection or processing of Personal Data, nor is accountable for ensuring that any and all Personal Data which is collected and/or processed during the fundraising, and the manner of its collection, processing and storage complies with the Data Protection Laws.