You can find out more from our Gifts in Wills supporters about why you should leave a Gift in Your Will to Unicef UK. Join the Unicef Generation.
You can find out more from our Gifts in Wills supporters about why you should leave a Gift in Your Will to Unicef UK. Join the Unicef Generation.

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You can leave a lasting legacy for children.
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Hear from our UNICEF Community

Our incredible Gifts in Wills supporters are helping to build a better world for every child. You can join them as part of the UNICEF Community who are contributing to positive long-term development for children.

Your gift can provide clean water, vaccinate infants and ensure children, like Besher and Ghanem (pictured), have the space to grow, play and learn for generations to come. We will use your gift wisely and cost-effectively, so it has the greatest impact for children. Together, we’re making a real difference to children across the world.

Scroll down to hear from supporters, just like you, who have joined the UNICEF Community.

Five year old twins Besher and Ghanem running in the road between people's container homes. The family fled Syria and have lived in the camp in northern Jordan for a year and eight months. You can support children like Besher and Ghanem through a gift in your Will. Join the Unicef Generation.

5-year-old twins Besher and Ghanem are receiving education support through UNICEF in a refugee camp in Jordan.

After I have gone, somewhere in this world, I hope I might help UNICEF give the gift of life to a child, or educate them, or just maybe make them forget the horrors that surround them for an all too brief time, and play.

Iain Place, UNICEF supporter

Sue has been supporting UNICEF for 40 years

It was 1978 when Sue and her late husband, Robin were first introduced to UNICEF after a chance encounter with one of our ads. “What struck us both was that these children across the world didn’t have and don’t have the choice that we have.”

When Robin passed away in 1991 he continued his support for UNICEF by leaving a gift in his Will.

Leaving a gift in your Will can seem daunting but you can be assured that UNICEF will always be here to support you. Sue says: “UNICEF will always tell you exactly what they are spending the money on. So that encourages me to leave money in my Will to this organisation.”

“I know that there are many children that will benefit from that money.”

Watch this video to hear from UNICEF supporter, Sue on why she has left a gift in her Will to UNICEF

Andrew O'Hagan explains you why you should join the Unicef Generation who are leaving a Gift in their Will to Unicef
I have witnessed first-hand how your gifts make a difference.

You are the generation that can leave a safer world for children. Thank you for your interest in leaving a gift in your Will.

Andrew O'Hagan, UNICEF UK Ambassador

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Pat says: “Working to improve the lot of those who haven’t had the advantages that I’ve had is the best thing I can do.”

BBC veteran journalist and UNICEF UK Ambassador, Martin Bell OBE reports from Lebanon on the difference Gifts in Wills can make to children’s lives.

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