6-year-old Najma practices writing math problems on a whiteboard in Afghanistan
6-year-old Najma practices writing math problems on a whiteboard in Afghanistan

Share giving

Donate your shares and help change a child's life

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Why donate shares to charity?

Donating stocks and shares is an easy, tax-efficient way to help children around the world grow up safe and healthy.

With your gift, we can support more children with access to quality education, good nutrition and a life full of opportunities.

We work in more than 190 countries, providing disaster relief, health and sanitation, vaccines and climate action.

And you can benefit too. As well as helping improve the lives of children around the world, you may be able to get a tax break on the value of your donation.


How can I donate my shares?

Donating shares is easy. Simply fill in our share giving contact form and we’ll be in touch.

Alternatively, you can email us at [email protected]

We chose to give shares to UNICEF because it’s a tax-efficient way of donating and encouraged by the Government. We do not hold much cash so we’d otherwise have to sell some of our investments, then give the money to UNICEF and pay capital gains tax to HMRC.
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What will UNICEF UK do with my share gift?

Share gifts are a vital source of income for UNICEF UK.

Our policy is to sell donated shares as soon as we can so that we can keep your gift safe. If we hold onto them, their value might change, and that’s something we can’t predict.

What share gifts can be donated?

We can accept gifts of:

  • stocks,
  • shares,
  • bonds and
  • unit trusts (securities)

Gifts must be in the donor’s name. If you transfer shares to us, it can be difficult for us to process them.

For gifts over £100,000, we carry out additional due diligence checks to ensure they align with our mandate and values; maintain neutrality, equity, and inclusiveness; and don’t negatively impact child rights.

Contact our team about donating your shares

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