Children in a playground in the UK.

A child's guide to the
child well-being report

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What is the report about?

We wanted to find out about child well-being (how happy, healthy and satisfied children are), how children see inequality (the differences between different people’s lives) and materialism (the idea that money and things you can buy are really important). This report tells you about the things parents and children who took part in the research told us.

Why did we do this research?

We have done lots of research in the past which has shown that children in the UK aren’t as happy and well off as children in other countries. We wanted to find out why this is the case, so they asked Ipsos MORI (a research company) to help.

Who did we speak to?

We spoke to children and parents from three countries: the UK, Spain and Sweden. We talked to a range of children from different types of families while they were in school. The children we spoke to were aged from 8 to 12. The families we spoke to had children of all ages, from babies, to older teenagers.