Andrew O'Hagan

Unicef UK Ambassador

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Scottish writer and novelist Andrew O’Hagan became a Unicef UK Ambassador in 2001 and is a committed advocate for Unicef’s work.

He has written several powerful short stories and journalist pieces inspired by his experiences of seeing Unicef in action.

In 2010 Andrew supported our Put it Right campaign by recording five audio stories about each of the children featured in the campaign. Happy Birthday, Dear Happy was written following a trip to Malawi to meet children and families who had been made vulnerable by HIV and AIDS.

In 2013, Andrew travelled to Afghanistan and met with children involved in and affected by the conflict to see how Unicef is helping them reclaim their childhood through therapy and education. Andrew also met girls who have overcome many obstacles to access education. You can read Andrew’s stories about Afghanistan’s children in the London Review of Books and The Guardian.

Andrew continues to provide support for Unicef, speaking about his work for children and how it can change children’s lives during the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games partnership. Most recently, Andrew co-hosted SyriArt 2014, the first charity auction in aid of Syria.