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UNICEF Next Generation (NextGen) is a global movement of like-minded emerging leaders, entrepreneurs and change-makers.

Members are based all over the world and come from diverse industries and backgrounds – but the driving motivator that connects everyone together is their commitment to UNICEF’s life-changing work.

Our members are ‘doers’ by definition – they want to donate to UNICEF, but they also want to learn while they give so they can maximise the impact they make.

As a member of UNICEF NextGen UK you have the unique opportunity to learn about the crises and conflicts affecting children all over the world. With UNICEF’s support, you take your new knowledge and commit your time, resources, and enthusiasm to activate your networks and support UNICEF’s work in your own way. Join us.

1. Join

Become a member when you make a +£20 monthly pledge to support UNICEF’s life-saving emergency work.

2. Learn

Receive exclusive updates and learn about the impact of urgent world events on children as soon as we do.

3. Experience

Connect with other members and get incredible access to – and insight from – UNICEF staff at events, panels and webinars.

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Looking to get hands-on?

Ambitious events
Apply to sit on one of UNICEF UK’s prestigious event boards, alongside key stakeholders and influencers, to help plan our most successful fundraising galas. Or organise your own trailblazing event, in support of UNICEF UK.

Strategic philanthropy
Join a close-knit circle to co-invest in a specific area of UNICEF’s work that interests you the most – and strategically maximise your individual impact.

Go your own way
Carve out your unique philanthropic path with our Philanthropy team, or find out how you can be a confident advocate for UNICEF in your professional and personal networks.


UNICEF provides more children with clean water, life-saving food and vaccines, education, and protection from violence than any other humanitarian organisation. But this work is only possible thanks to the generosity of our supporters, like members of UNICEF NextGen.

As a UNICEF NextGen UK member you can expect to receive regular updates bringing you closer to UNICEF’s work, invitations to hear from UNICEF experts and unique access to the stories that don’t always get a slot on prime-time news.

Most importantly, by joining UNICEF NextGen UK you will help save and change children’s lives throughout the world.

Here in the UK, UNICEF NextGen has a legacy of fantastic fundraising for UNICEF via ideas which have been driven and led by our awesome members – for example, ‘Cook For Syria’.  This initiative was inspired directly by UNICEF’s fundraising priorities. UNICEF NextGen supporters were motivated by the stories and information they received from UNICEF about the plight of the world’s children and asked themselves what more they could do to help.

As well as fundraising events and projects, to date our members have facilitated incredible personal philanthropy, corporate introductions, private dinners and much much more!

UNICEF NextGen isn’t a traditional networking group.

UNICEF’s aim is to help members everywhere feel closer to our work, supported by our staff and uplifted by their potential to make life-changing impact.

Our members are eager to learn. What they do with this knowledge – and who they bring to the table – is driven by their passion and ambition.

If you feel strongly about changing the lives and futures of children everywhere then we’re here to work out your path with you.

Please reach out to us, we’d love to hear from you!

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