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UNICEF UK supports the UK aid sector’s commitment to change in safeguarding

Sexual exploitation, harassment and abuse are reprehensible under any circumstances.

UNICEF UK has a comprehensive safeguarding policy, led by our Head of Safeguarding and supported by a cross-organisational working group, including a Safeguarding Champion on our Board of Trustees. The policy is also signed off by the Board.

In March 2018, UNICEF  UK, in our capacity as a registered UK Charity with an independent Trustee Board, regulated by the UK Charity Commission, signed a joint statement committing to collective and individual actions. This was agreed at the first DFID Safeguarding Summit with other leading UK international development charities.

In October 2018 UNICEF UK also attended the second DFID Safeguarding Summit. In preparation for this, UNICEF UK worked for several months with a number of UK aid organisations and charities, who are members of BOND, the UK international development network. The goal was to identify the best examples of safeguarding policies and practices in the aid and UK domestic sectors.

One of the initial outputs of this work was the creation of a set of shared principles for tackling sexual exploitation, abuse and sexual harassment for UK aid organisations to use. These principles are intended to help ensure that aid organisations in the UK are working to the same high standards of safeguarding practice. UNICEF UK fully endorses these principles and will be guided by them in our work in the UK. We will also continue to work with others to strengthen the sectors’ efforts to protect people from sexual exploitation, abuse and sexual harassment.

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