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What makes UNICEF’s Every Child Circle so special?

Millions of children in countries and communities across the world are living without access to their basic rights: good healthcare, education, nutrition, and protection.

Members of UNICEF’s Every Child Circle are making a long-term commitment to helping every child realise these fundamental rights.

Their annual gifts, directed through UNICEF’s Every Child Fund, improve children’s futures all around the world. They help us deliver programmes for every child, where and when they’re most urgently needed.

Why join UNICEF’S Every Child Circle?

When you join our Every Child Circle, you will be matched with a point of contact from our Philanthropy Team. They will carefully manage your relationship with us. You can:

  • Stay in the know through quarterly updates. Receive occasional videos and voice notes from our colleagues on the ground.
  • Enjoy meeting our programme experts and engaging with our work for every child.
  • Hear about match-funding opportunities that help you maximise the impact of your support.
  • Be one of the first supporters to hear about our response during a major, sudden onset emergency. Also, learn how gifts like yours are being used to support our response.

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UNICEF’s Global Guardians has been renamed UNICEF’s Every Child Circle. The new name compliments UNICEF’s Every Child Fund and puts children at its core.

Our Every Child Fund is the bedrock of all our work, helping us to deliver our promise of protecting the rights of children everywhere.

The fund supports children throughout their life-course, in 190 countries, and during times of peace, conflict, and crisis.

As a member of the Every Child Circle, your regular support to the Every Child Fund could help with:

  • Increasing access to essential health and nutrition services
  • Providing better education
  • Ensuring access to safe water, sanitation, and hygiene supplies
  • Offering essential child protection support
  • It’s flexible. Without restrictions, we can direct funding to the highest-impact activities.
  • It’s predictable. This stable source of funding enables us to strategically plan activities and allocate resources
  • It’s fair. We can use these funds to support children all around the world in an equitable way.
  • It’s efficient. The streamlined nature of the fund means we are maximising the resources that go directly to children.

Your membership will play a vital role in helping to protect the childhoods of children all around the world. By committing to support our Every Child Fund for three years, with a gift of at least £5,000 each year, you’ll become a member of UNICEF’s Every Child Circle.

Your long-term promise helps us to plan efficiently, reduce our costs and get more money into programmes that really make a difference to children’s lives.

Have any more questions? Get in touch

Please submit any questions you might have through UNICEF’s Every Child Circle enquiry form, and a member of the Philanthropy Team will get back to you.

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