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Children have the power to change the world, yet millions every year do not even reach their fifth birthday because of diseases that can be prevented.

That’s why Unicef is declaring War on Disease. War on measles, pneumonia and other preventable diseases that claim so many children’s lives around the world.

We’re calling on the Prime Minister to deliver on his manifesto commitment and ensures the UK leads the way in ending preventable child deaths over the next two years.

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Ending preventable child deaths – once and for all

5.3 million children every year do not see their fifth birthday. Shockingly, most of these deaths are because children don’t have access to simple things we all take for granted: things like vaccinations, nutritious food and basic healthcare. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Over the next two years, the UK is hosting unique global meetings, such as the GAVI replenishment conference in 2020 and the G7 summit in 2021 where the UK can show global leadership and deliver on its pledge to end the heartbreak of preventable child deaths.

Read our new child health report, Ending preventable child deaths: How Britain can lead the way.

We’ll do whatever it takes

Unicef helps vaccinate just under half the world’s children, and now we are rallying our troops to help us do so much more. We believe that every child should survive, thrive and fulfil their potential – and that is something worth fighting for.

Together we can win the War on Disease. Sign our petition now.

children in Yemen show off their arms to show they have been vaccinated

Children in Yemen proudly show off their vaccination spots. Help us ensure that every child can survive, thrive and fulfil their potential.

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