Peter and Barbara Rogers, Global Guardians:

"As supporters of Unicef for many years, we continue to be impressed. Working at both government and community level, Unicef maintains its independence: enabling its staff to work efficiently in so many different countries." 

"Global Guardian support is essential to this work. By providing some regular, up-front finance, we enable Unicef to move quickly, providing assistance and expertise as soon as it is needed for innovations, ongoing projects and breaking emergencies." 

Janet Garton, Global Guardian:

"Being a Global Guardian makes me feel that I am playing a real part in Unicef's work. My contact with the team, the events and the information I receive keep me updated on Unicef 's progress for children. A highlight was joining a visit to the Supply Division headquarters in Copenhagen to see the vast scale and impact of Unicef 's global logistical operation."

"Please join us and be part of this hugely rewarding community who are making children's rights a reality."

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If you are an individual philanthropist or looking to make a big donation as a family we would love to hear from you. You can contact us at and a member of our Philanthropy Team will be in touch.

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Your donation can help children like these pupils spread out in a circle at the primary school in the village of Kigeyo in Rwanda. UNICEF, in partnership with Right to Play and other NGOs, supports sports and other organised recreation and play activities in schools.© UNICEF/NYHQ2007-1367/Pirozzi