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Sweepstake competitions are a great way to raise money

They are easy to set up and a fantastic opportunity to get your friends, family and colleagues involved in supporting UNICEF’s work. You can create a sweepstake for just about anything, from predicting your finish time in a race to guessing how many sweets there are in a jar – the choice is yours.

Charity sweepstake rules for success

  • Decide the competition for your sweepstake. For example, you could guess the results of a popular event like Eurovision, the Grand National or Wimbledon. Or if you’re taking on a challenge event, you could ask people to guess your finish time. Download our race time sweepstake.
  • Set the price of entry e.g. £5.00 and ask your family, friends (or colleagues if it’s an office sweepstake) to pay to enter. The easiest way to accept entry fees is to direct people to your online fundraising page.
  • Source a prize – you could ask local businesses to donate one.
  • Whoever guesses correctly wins the prize and 100% of the money raised from entries will be donated to UNICEF.

For more information on the rules of running your own fundraising sweepstake please visit the Gambling Commission.

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