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Organise a charity games night

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Everyone enjoys a little healthy competition. Make your fundraising a success by gathering your friends, family or colleagues for a fundraising games night.

Fundraising games night ideas

  • Decide on the date and time of your fundraising games night and invite your family, friends or colleagues. If your date falls over a holiday period, why not theme your night to make it extra special?
  • Set up an online fundraising page to accept donations to attend or fees to play on the night.
  • Whether you prepare board games, card games or trivia, there’s something for everyone. You could play some classics like Monopoly, Scrabble, Jenga or Articulate or mix things up by asking everyone to bring along their own favourite games.
  • Maximise your fundraising on the night by including a fundraising quiz, charity sweepstake or raffle.
  • If you’re more into gaming online you could use JustGiving live streaming to host your fundraising.
  • Tight on time? Why not organise fundraising games over lunch at your place of work? Simply ask colleagues to donate a small fee to play.

Make sure your fundraising is safe and legal by following guidance at the Gambling Commission.

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