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Help make a lasting difference for children

Although Unicef is a non-religious, apolitical organisation, faith-based organisations are important partners in Unicef’s work and fundraising efforts.

Unicef is supported entirely by your donations, and there are lots of ways your faith group can raise money so that together we can help make a lasting difference for children worldwide.

Fundraising this Christmas

Hold a candlelight collection for Syria’s children

While we celebrate Christmas, a time of family, faith, joy and giving, please remember Syria’s children. Having fled their homes because of war, too many now face a bitter winter in temporary shelter.

By holding a candlelight collection, your congregation can provide a Syrian child with winter essentials like fleecy blankets to help protect them from the cold this winter. Together we can make sure that no Syrian child is left out in the cold this Christmas. 

  • Find a few empty jars and turn them into collection pots
  • Safely light a candle and place it in a prominent place
  • Print and display this poster (pdf)
  • Ask your congregation, friends and visitors to take a moment to remember Syria’s children, and to make a donation
  • Fill your jar with coins over the festive season. Once full, please bank the money you’ve raised, and send a cheque payable to Unicef UK to this address:

Candlelight collection
Unicef UK
30a Great Sutton Street
London EC1V 0DU

Please don’t forget to give us the details of your collection, using this printable form (pdf)

Zakat and Ramadan

Zakat is one of the five pillars of Islam. Any Muslim who possesses the required nisaab (the minimum amount of wealth that one must have before Zakat is payable) for one whole year is bound to pay Zakat.

If you’d like your Zakat to go to Unicef, you can find out how much Zakat you owe by visiting this calculator on Just Giving: How to Calculate Zakat. A lot of people choose to pay their Zakat during the month of Ramadan as it’s considered the month of blessings, when the rewards for good deeds are greater than in any other month.

Other ways to get involved

Unicef works with many faiths across the world, and our supporters come from a wide range of faiths too. No matter what faith you are, your congregation or faith group can make a valuable contribution to our work:

  • Take a collection of donations for our latest emergency appeal. To order gift aid envelopes for a collection, email
  • Make Unicef one of the charities you support. Email or phone us on 0300 330 5580 to find out more.

Need help fundraising?

Domiz Refugee Camp, Northern Iraq February 2016. Mohammed (6 years) and Noor (4 years) wrapped in a blanket. Asked if they were given any blankets and clothes during the winter their family said ‘They did give us blankets, but it was not enough. I had to buy more. This is the first year that we got given winter clothes. We are grateful because it really did help.’ Unicef/2016/Schermbrucker

Four-year-old Noor, and her brother Mohammed, 6, fled Syria with their family three years ago, and face another bitter winter in a refugee camp in Iraq. They're keeping cosy with a thermal blanket from Unicef, and your fundraising can help us keep even more children safe and warm this winter.