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Fundraise with Your Faith Group

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Come together for every child

Although we are a non-religious and apolitical organisation, faith-based groups have been essential partners in our fundraising efforts and awareness-raising within the local and global community for over 75 years. 

Our supporters come from a wide range of faiths and are united by the belief that every child has the right to a happy and healthy childhood. No matter what faith you belong to, your congregation or faith group can make a valuable contribution to our work. 

Fundraising ideas for faith groups

Here are some fun activity ideas to get you started. You can organise in your place of worship or chosen venue to bring people together and raise money for children.

Bake-off or bake sale

Round up some keen bakers and get into teams for a fun-filled competitive activity that will attract an audience. You can request a donation fee for anyone who wants to watch or take part and livestream the event for a bigger audience. Or simply organise a bake sale and charge for tasty treats. 


Holding a collection is a great way to raise money as a faith group. You can either collect loose change, or for cashless donations – simply direct people to your group JustGiving page using your page QR code. Please follow our collection guidelines to make sure your collection is safe and legal.

Candle donation

For a donation, light a candle and dedicate it to the children supported by UNICEF around the world. This could be a part of your normal service, or a bigger fundraising event.

Carol concert

Organise a carol concert at your place of worship. You can either sell tickets or have a suggested donation during the event.

Community Iftar

Hold a community Iftar during Ramadan either at home or at a local community venue. A community Iftar is a great place to raise money as people gather together to break their fast.

Talent Show

You may be surprised to find out how much hidden talent you can uncover in your faith community. A talent show is a sure way to find out! Make it more fun by having a judging panel of children while the adults compete for the prize. 

Diwali celebration

Celebrate the festival of light by sharing a special Diwali supper with friends and family with a small donation to attend or to take part in group games.


Get your faith community together for a challenging sponsored hike and make sure to give each other plenty of time to gather donations. 

Give it up

Take on a group challenge to give up something for a period of time such as going out to eat, or purchasing a daily coffee. Donate the money you save. This is a great challenge to take on during Lent.

Toy auction

Collect pre-loved and new toys, artwork and children’s books for an auction or raffle night. Share the nostalgic stories behind each item and start a conversation about why you have chosen to support UNICEF and make the world a better place for children. 

Fundraising inspiration

Check out our Fundraising Guide which is full of inspiration and guidance to help kickstart your fundraising. 

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