Students at a Germany university wearing UNICEF t-shirts take part in a group activity
Students at a Germany university wearing UNICEF t-shirts take part in a group activity

Fundraise at your university

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Fundraise at your university and help build a better world for children

Your time at university is a great opportunity to join us in helping to make a positive impact on the lives of children everywhere while developing teamwork skills and bonding with your fellow students in the process. Fundraising at university also looks great on your CV and helps demonstrate skills and knowledge that you can take into any field of work.

Ways you can get involved at university

Create an emergency fundraising group

Gather an enthusiastic team of students and staff who are passionate about fundraising and love the idea of working towards a common cause. Activities could include bucket collections, bake sales, or simply sharing the news about our appeals via your university’s communications channels. All donations will go towards delivering lifesaving supplies such as medicine and water to vulnerable children and families.

Run regular ‘always-on’ events

You don’t have to wait until there is an emergency appeal to run creative fundraising events to raise money. You can simply plan and run activities throughout the term to suit your schedule. Some low-maintenance events you can run include a pub quiz, a preloved clothes and book sale, or a pot-luck dinner.

Organise a global film night

A fun way to share the global reach of our work while raising money for children is to run a global film night. Each night you can choose a different film for one of the countries we operate in and share some stories from our programmes to go with it. You will have the pick of the sea as we operate in 192 countries!

Set up a virtual collection point

With the use of QR codes making cashless payments easier than ever before, you’ll be surprised at how much you can raise by using one of our fundraising posters with a QR code to advertise your fundraising. One idea is to set up one of these posters at one of the campus canteens or by the shop tills.

Run a Youth Advocacy Campaign

Use our specially designed Youth Advocacy Toolkit to run a campaign to help you and your fellow students speak up about the issues that will shape your future. Find out more.

More fundraising inspiration

Check out our fundraising guide which is full of inspiration and guidance to help kickstart your university fundraising.

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