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There are lots of ways you can virtually raise money to support our vital work for children. Here are some ideas to get you started. 


Gaming stream-athons

Turn your video-gaming into a fun way to raise money. You could set challenges, goals or incentives to encourage more donations. Simply head to JustGiving to find out everything you need to know about fundraising while you game.

Virtual fitness challenge

Call up your friends who always seem to be at the gym and organise a fun virtual fitness challenge where you can raise donations for every mile ran and for every new personal record.

Live virtual cook-along

If you love to cook, gather your online friends and followers to watch you prepare a series of meals while you discuss UNICEF’s work with children and gather donations through your preferred streaming platform such as Facebook Live, Instagram or Tiktok.

Virtual birthday gifts

Instead of asking for gifts for your next birthday, why not asks friends and family to donate to your online fundraising page instead?

Virtual auction

Showcase items or experiences that people can bid on online. Add a livestream element by hosting a virtual countdown.

Other virtual fundraising ideas:

  • Virtual book club
  • Virtual pub quiz
  • Virtual film night

Check out our fundraising guide which is full of inspiration and guidance to help kickstart your fundraising.


Whatever you decide to do for your virtual fundraiser, there are lots of different platforms available to host a virtual fundraising event.

Here’s JustGiving’s guide on how to set up Zoom or Houseparty

Whichever platform you decide works best for you, follow these steps to make your virtual fundraising event a success:

  1. Choose a platform, date and time for your even
  2. Set up your JustGiving page and update it with details of your event and share with friends, family and colleagues via group chat, social media and email.
  3. Share the login details with everyone you’ve invited.

Head to JustGiving to set up your fundraising page for UNICEF.

The key to a great fundraising page is personalisation! Once you’ve set up your page, update with your photo, details of your challenge and event, and why you feel passionate about raising money for UNICEF.

See more tips and guidance to make your JustGiving page a success.

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