Alison, 8, and Roclio, 9, use a special laptop at a rural school in Uruguay. We are working with the government to promote digital inclusion in order to reduce the digital divide between rural and urban. Unicef/2013/Pirozzi

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The easiest way to fundraise and promote your fundraiser is by setting up an online fundraising page. Our preferred online platform is JustGiving. The money from your page reaches us automatically so takes all the hassle out of collecting donations.

Set up your JustGiving page

Top tips for fundraising online

Personalise your page

Customise your page with your personal story, photos, and updates. You could raise 65% more just by writing a page summary! Think about why you’re raising money and why the cause is important to you.

Set a fundraising target

Choose your fundraising goal. Setting a fundraising target can lead to a 17% increase in the amount you raise. It gives your supporters a goal to get behind, so don’t be afraid to go big!

Be the first to donate

Kick off your fundraising and commitment to your challenge by being the first to donate to your page. People who donate to their own page to get started raise a whopping 84% more!

Share your page

Email your friends, family, and colleagues with the link to your page, and share it on social media. You could also include the link to your page on your email signature if you use one. Make sure to include examples of how fundraising makes a lasting difference to children. Target your most generous supporters first. People tend to donate amounts based on what others have already given.

Use your page QR code

JustGiving will autogenerate a fundraising QR code for your page. Add the QR code to our editable posters, print, and add them to local notice boards, village halls or cafés, wherever relevant and in places where people will see your fundraiser. People can then scan the code and donate directly to your page.

Regularly update your page

Update your page with fundraising progress and resend to your contacts. If you’re taking on a challenge event, connect it to your Strava account so your supporters can track your training progress.

Thank your supporters

Personalise your thank you email and ask your supporters to spread the word about your fundraiser to their friends and family. After the event, update your page with photos and the result, and remind people they can still donate.

If you need any help with your page, check out JustGiving’s help section.

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