Celebrate and give

Raise money through weddings, birthdays and anniversaries

Celebrations are a fun and easy way to raise money for Unicef’s work for children around the world.

Celebrate your birthday, wedding or any other special occasion by asking family and friends to make a donation instead of buying you a gift.

Enjoy your special day with loved ones and give in celebration to help make children’s lives safer and happier together.


Avoid being the owner of ten new fruit bowls by asking friends and family to make a donation instead of buying you a gift. As well as being the happiest day of your life, your wedding will put smiles on the faces of children around the world.


Celebrate getting one year older by helping a child reach his or her next birthday. Ask friends and family to donate to your online fundraising page instead of buying you a present.


Whether tin, silver or gold, reaching a wedding anniversary milestone is worth celebrating. Make this day even more memorable by asking your loved ones to make a donation to help keep children safe.

Other celebrations

You can support Unicef’s work for children at any occasion you choose. Whether a baby shower, retirement party, christening or celebrating a loved one’s life, your generosity and kindness will change children’s lives.

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