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In 2018 Keeley travelled to Sierra Leone where she met a young boy called Munda.

Munda was a young boy who risked his life every day by diving to the bottom of a river to collect sand for construction work when all he really wanted was to go school and learn to be a mechanic.

Earlier this year, we went back to visit Munda two years on he is no longer diving for sand. Thanks to UNICEF UK’s support, he is now at school and learning to be a mechanic–his dream job.

Keeley joined us in Jordan in 2016 to visit children and families living in the Za’atari refugee camp and host communities in Amman. Many of these children and families had fled their homes in Syria due to the ongoing conflict.

Keeley saw UNICEF UK’s work in providing education and child-friendly spaces which offer learning support and psychological care, as well as being a safe space to play.


Keeley visited a sand mine in Sierra Leone, where she met 15 old Munda.

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I feel very privileged to have met the people who work on the ground for UNICEF UK, making a real difference every day to children’s lives.
Keeley Hawes, UNICEF UK Ambassador

Keeley also visited Calais in 2016 to meet unaccompanied refugee children who had fled Syria and made the dangerous journey alone through Europe as part of our reunification campaign. She joined us in calling on the UK Government to reunite child refugees with their families in the UK.

Keeley has previously travelled to Djibouti in 2012 to highlight the East Africa food crisis and make an appeal film for Soccer Aid and Papua New Guinea in 2014 to support both Soccer Aid for UNICEF and the Glasgow Commonwealth Games. In Papua New Guinea Keeley witnessed children with severe malnutrition being treated in the capital’s main hospital and travelled by boat to one of the most remote places on earth to see children being vaccinated against life threatening yet preventable diseases.

Keeley has been an Ambassador for UNICEF UK since 2016.

Keeley Hawes meets Syrian families living in Za'atari Refugee Camp, Jordan

Keeley Hawes
Keeley visits a school in Sierra Leone for Soccer Aid for Unicef 2018. This school and thousands around the world have been supported by Unicef to reconstruct, teachers have been trained and books and stationary provided as well as supporting mothers to earn a living so they can send their children to school and the get the education they need to ensure they can have a brighter future.
Keeley in Papua New Guinea in May 2014, in a remote village in the central Province. In the jungle in the foothills of the Highlands the village is only accessible by boat, a journey of 3-5 hours. Because it is so remote, the village had never had any medical facilities, the nearest health post is an eight hour walk. Keeley heard how difficult it is to walk that distance with children and when there is heavy rain, it is impossible to cross the two major rivers to get medical help if they fall ill. Many children have died from malaria and TB with many mothers also dying during complications during childbirth. Snake bites are frequently fatal too. There is hope for the village now as UNICEF is funding the delivery of a range of vaccines.
Keeley Hawes attends Unicef UK’s seventh annual Halloween Ball on Wednesday 30th October 2019 to support Unicef’s life-saving work for children in danger around the world.
Keeley visits a Unicef supported child friendly space in Za'atari refugee camp in Jordan in 2016

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