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Planner for the 2023/24 academic year

Plan your Article of the Week schedule for the year using our guide.

Many of the Article of the Week packs  focus on individual rights, some look at a group of related articles. There are also a number of themed packs for particular special days, weeks or month. The full back catalogue of this resource series will continue to be available online and we will regularly sign-post to them in our communications to you.

We know many schools like the structure provided by our weekly resources delivery, so below we offer a thematic approach you may wish to use for the year ahead and can be tailored to the requirements of your school. We would also recommend our primary and secondary assemblies.

During the 2023/24 academic year we do not plan to produce new Article of the Week packs, although this is subject to change. Spotlight, our new continuing professional development resource, aims to build rights knowledge with school staff and complements use of Article of the Week.

Autumn Term

  • New School Year – Article of the Week: Article 29  – You may like to revisit Charter Guidance.
  • School Council elections  (voice and democracy) – Article of the Week: Article 12
  • International Day of Peace (21st September) – Article of the Week: International Day of Peace Pack
  • European Day of Languages (26th  September) – no specific Article of the Week pack but consider work on articles 7 and 30. Please see the pack for Article 7.
  • Black History Month – Article of the Week for Black History Month
  • World Teachers’ Day 5th October – See Article of the Week packs for Article 28 and Article 29  also consider booking on to the RRSA Annual Conference (for staff) register here.
  • Harvest and World Food Day 16th October  – consider making links to Article 6 and take a look at past Article 24 packs
  • Remembrance Day 11th November – Article of the Week for Remembrance
  • Anti-Bullying Week in mid-October – Article of the Week for Anti-Bullying Week
  • World Children’s Day 20th November – sign up to OutRight

Spring Term

Summer Term

  • Earth Day 22nd April – Article of the Week for Earth Day


  • As the term ends in England and Wales, a good time to focus on safety in the holiday. Look at packs that mention Article 19 and, if appropriate in your setting, links to other protections such as from drugs (A33) and exploitation (A34 and 36).

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